About Us

Telangana Kala Parishath

To Preserve Culture

Telangana Kala Parishath always strives to preserve the heritage of our Nation, like tradition, culture, cultural art forms especially folk art from which are becoming extinct, especially Telangana folk art forms. Ever since the establishment of Telangana Kala Parishath, we are working very hard strengthening - Arts, Cine/Short Films, Literature and Social Service by organizing and properly utilizing various Telangana traditional and cultural fests by sending a universal message to all the world. All our initiatives were appreciated universally from Sate Government of Telangana to United Nations - New York by receiving appreciation certificates from them to encourage Kala Parishath motives like World Peace, Right to Education, Pollution Free India, Let Telangana Be Honored etc.

Governing Body

Pagidipalli RajaRao

Founder & President

P.Nageswar Rao

General Secretary


Vice President & Legal Adviser

Advisory Body

Sri Suresh Parupally

National Convener & National Best Teacher Awardee

Sri Kadavendi Venu Gopal

Chief Adviser & Social Activist

Sri Panjala Ilaiah

State Litt. Convener

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